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Overview of the OADA Info and Networking Session in February, 2015

Overview of the OADA Info and Networking Session in February, 2015

This OADA session, held February 10, 2015 in Louisville, KY after the Ag Equipment Technology Conference (AETC) and before the Louisville Farm Show at the Medallion Ballroom A/B in the Seelbach Hilton Hotel, included;

  • Overview of the OADA project
  • Relationship to Ag Gateway explained
  • The release of real-world data exchange demos among OADA partners
  • Brainstorming discussions about both commercial and academic strategic projects for the coming year.

This meeting was led by Purdue Professors Dennis Buckmaster and James Krogmeier, and OADA Project Lead Aaron Ault with additional insights from industry professionals. The event was co-sponsored by American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) and Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

Download a PDF of Aaron Ault’s Presentation

An excerpt from the meeting:

Geosys is a world leader in remote sensing decision support tools for agriculture and we have been in the field of digital farming for over 25 years.  We build and FBGeosysCMJNcustomize platforms that help our partners add more value to their solutions and better serve growers.  We are a global company with offices in Minneapolis, France, Brazil and Australia.  As of December 2013, we are owned by Land O’Lakes and we have been tasked to design products with growers in mind since growers are our owners.  We see OADA as an organization that is also designed with the grower in mind so we wanted to do a project with them.

Recently data has become more and more important to growers and their trusted advisors.  One of the biggest pain points with data is getting it to and from the right people in a timely, efficient way.  This project with OADA and CNH was designed with that exact concept in mind.  We enjoyed the process of this project and consider it to have been very successful for us internally.  We feel there is a good future for solutions such as this project because ultimately it allows the grower to use his data in the best way possible.

Nick Ohrtman
Product Marketing Manager
Website : www.geosys.com