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Real-time Connection Across The Globe

Real-time Connection Across The Globe

The Open Ag Data Alliance is proud to be a contributor to the Blue Number Foundation in it’s quest to create a simple registry of basic information volunteered by users about themselves. Bluenumbers It is a free self-generated public resource for and by people who want to be recognized as existing on our planet.

The Bluenumber Foundation was established by Puvan Selvanathan, from the United Nations Working Group for Business and Human Rights, in June 2015. Puvan proposed a free public registry to list anyone claiming and proclaiming a personal global identity. Bluenumbers enable individuals to include themselves as global citizens without needing permission from any ‘authority’ – but others can validate or endorse an individual’s identity once created if the individual allows it. Every person can show that they ‘exist’ without needing anyone else to say so.

On their website, they explain that every community, business or government is just a collection of individuals organized in a particular way. But some of these collectives are relics of feudal and industrial times when we didn’t have the technology to include everyone. A bluenumber recognizes that every single person has value and that you should have the right to own your identity.

Led by OADA Member Centricity, the team has been cooperating with an international team to aid in the development of real-time data API and exchange protocols and looks forward to future implementation of OADA conformant solutions.

For more information about enabling real-time data exchange in agriculture contact us; for information about the Bluenumber Foundation, please visit their website.