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The Next Generation Farm – Are You Ready

This video has been circulating around agriculture groups since early this year when Drew Zabrocki of ApRecs released an excerpt from the AGx Conference last held in Washington State. John Cornell from Yakima remarked it was ” one of the best, shortest assessment of the near term future of Ag I’ve ever heard.”.  Drew passionately describes the challenges ahead for agriculture goes beyond the technical data alignment and privacy infrastructure….

“Technology is no longer an issue to be addressed. It simply exists in our physical world. Technology is as native as lifting your hand to work or moving your eyes across a piece of virtual paper. Fluency of data and the devices that connect us are just part of our evolved DNA….” “…Generation Y is the largest population that this world has ever seen, and they’re entering the workforce. They’re competitive, value-driven, and socially conscious. They don’t see color, race, or gender. They don’t see limits on technology.”

In this short (10-min) video he connects the importance of a digital culture to engage and empower the next generation farmer — what are your thoughts?  What is your company doing to connect with the next generation and enable your team to leverage the technology of today?  Leave us a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.