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Valley Irrigation To Launch OADA v1.0.0 Compliant App

Valley Irrigation To Launch OADA v1.0.0 Compliant App

Massive amounts of data are being generated every day on the farm. Making this information useful can be challenging, especially as an increasing number of systems generate multiple streams of unstructured, unintegrated data. Wouldn’t it be nice if all those applications worked together to make farm management easier?

Valley® Irrigation is taking the first step toward creating unified farm management with Irrigation Exchange™. This cutting-edge technology is embedded in the Valley BaseStation3™ irrigation remote control and monitoring product. Irrigation Exchange enables growers to share precision irrigation data with complementary management systems and make informed water application decisions.

Valley Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, is working with industry-leading seed companies, equipment manufacturers and agronomy service providers to synchronize irrigation with other critical and interdependent farm operations. This integration leads to data-driven irrigation decisions that increase efficiency, production and profits.

OADA is proud to be working with Valley Irrigation and its innovative technical team on one of the first OADA v.1.0.0 Compliant Applications. For more information visit their Website.